Id-ul-Fitr Assembly-IX

Independence Day Celebration

Raksha Bandhan Assembly - VI & Khula Aasmaan

Janamashtami Assembly - VII

Teacher`s Day Assembly - Student Council Members

Diwali Assembly-X

Guru Nanak Jayanti Assembly - XI

Republic Day & Martyr`s Day Assembly (Sr. Jr. Student Council & Discipline Squad)

Diwali Assembly - IX

Summer Vacation Assembly-XII

Dusshera Assembly - X

Christmas Assembly - VIII

ID-E-Milad Assembly-Tie & Die and Cookery Club

Republic Day and Matyr`s Day Assembly

Raksha Bandhan Assembly-VI

Independence Day Assembly-IX

janamashtami Assembly-IX

Onam Assembly-VIII

Thanks Giving(VI)

Diwali Assembly-XI

Guru Nanak Jaynati Assembly-X

Christmas Assembly-Performing Arts Club

Republic Day Assembly- Visual arts club

Summer Vacation Assembly - XII

Inter-House Western Music Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House Movie Making Competition(IX-XII)

Inter-House Craft Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House Quiz Competition(VI-VIII)

Inter-House AD-MADS Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House English Debate (VI-VIII)

Inter-House Kavi Sammelan(IX-XII)

Inter-House News Room Competition(IX-XII)

Inter-House Art Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House English Debate(IX-XII)

Inter-House Dance Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House Quiz Competition (IX-XII)

Inter-House Photography and Editing Competition (VI-VIII)

Inter-House Katha Utsav Competition(VI-VIII)


Inter-House Indian Music Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House Art of Cooking Competition(VI-VIII)

Inter-House Hindi Debate(IX-XII)

Inter-House Kite Flying Competition(VI - XII)

Inter-House Hindi Debate(VI-VIII)

Inter-House Art Competition(I-V)

Inter-House Flameless Art of Cooking Competition(III-V)

Inter-House Calligraphy Competition(I-V)

Spelling Bee I-II

Inter-House Indian Music Competition(I-V)

Spin-A-Yarn (III-V)

Inter-House Western Music Competition(I-V)

Inter-House Craft Competition(I-V)

Inter-House Recitation Competition(I-II)

Inter-House Art Of Flameless Cooking Competition(I-II)

Inter-House Dance Competition(I-II)

Inter-House Indian Music Competition(III-V)

Inter-House Street Play(III-V)


Inter-House Dance Competition(III-V)

Recitation Competition(I-II)

Inter-House Craft cccompetition(I-V)

Inter-House Western Music CCCompetition(I-V)

Cricket Match(Jr. Boys)

Chess Match (Jr. Girls)

BasketBall Match(Sub Jr. Girls)1

BasketBall Match(Sub Jr. Girls)

Basketball Match(Sr. Girls)

Basketball Match(Sr. Boys)

BasketBall Match(Jr. Boys)1

Basketball Match(Jr. Boys)

Basket Ball Match(Sub Jr. Boys)

Badminton Match(Sub Jr. Girls)

Athletic Meet(Jr. and Sr. BoysGirls)

Volley Ball Match(Jr. Girls)

Volley Ball Match(Jr. Boys)

Tug-of-War Match(Jr. Boys)

Tug-of-War Match at St. Gregorios

Tug of War(Sr. Girls)

Tug of War(Sr. Boys)

Tug of War (Sub Jr. Girls)

Tug of War (Jr. Boys)

Table Tennis Match(Sub Jr. Boys)

Table Tennis Match(Sr. Girls)

Sara Mathew Memorial BasketBall Tournament

Sara Mathew Memorial Basket Ball Tournament (Sub Jr. Girls)

Inter-School Sankalp Sahodaya Football Tournament

International Yoga Day

Inter-House March Past(VI-XII)

HandBall Match(Sub Jr. BoysGirls)

Football Match(Sub Jr. Girls)

Football Match(Sub Jr. Boys)

Football Match(Sr. Girls)

Football Match(Sr. Boys)

Football Match (Jr. Girls)

Football Match (Jr. Boys)

Cross Country Race(VI - XII)

Cricket Match(Sub Jr. Boys)

Cricket Match(Sr. Boys)

Wg. Cdr. T. Mathew Memorial Football Tournament(Sr. Boys)

VolleyBall Match(Sub Jr. Boys)

Volleyball Match(Jr. Girls)Chess Match (Sub Jr. Girls)

Volleyball Match(Jr. Girls)1

VolleyBall Match(Jr. Girls)

Volley Ball Match(Sr. Boys)

Kho-Kho Match (III - V)

Broad Jump(I - III)

Cricket Match (V)

Sports Day - Junior School

Kho-Kho Match (Boys) - III

Kho-Kho Match (Girls) - III

Football Match (Girls) - IV

Kho-Kho Match (Boys) - V

Football Match (Boys) - IV

Broad Jump(Girls) - IV

Junior Sports Day

Open Day(Sr.)

Youth Walk The Talk Event(VII-X)

Presentation of the Shakespearean Play at SVIS

Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Activity

Workshop on `Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Education`

Launch Celebration of Non-Violence Project India

Visit to India International Trade Fair-Hindi Drama Club

Workshop by A & A Enterprise-XII

Heritage Walk-XI

Project Paridhi at Jantar Mantar

World Space Week(X) - Rangoli Activity on the theme -Space

World Space Week(VIII) - Astro Cooking

World Space Week(VII) - Poster Making Activity on ‘Visualisation of Life on Mars`

World Space Week(VI) - Recent Discoveries or Satellites

Astronomy Session on Surface Cartography

Science Exhibition and Independence Day Celebration

Open Day Sr

Character Portrayal - International Peace Heros and their Contribution(VIII)

All India Asteroid Search Campaign

Dramatisation of the Plays by O`Henry

Hindi Play - Panchali Ki Shapath

Astronomy Session on SPACE

English Play - Oliver

Heritage Walk to Humayun Tomb (VII)

Astronomy Session on Evening Rendezvous with the Sky

Quizitive 2016 - An Annual Inter-School Quiz Competition

Astronomy Session on Space Explorers and Patterns in the Sky 2

Session on Mercury Transit

Session on Comet Kitchen

Session on Hydrorocketry

Session on Comets, Asteroids & Meteoroids & Invisible Astronomy

Night Observation at Sariska Palace

Session on The Moon

Open Day - “Climactic Effects of Climate Change”

Session on Super Giants

PowerPoint Presentation (XII)

Newspaper Creation (XI)

Collage Making (X)

Book Advertisement Making (VII)

Cover Making (VI)

Story Writing (VII - VIII)

Poster Making (IX)

Session on Celestial Events

Workshop on Healthy Eating Habits by Cornitos - V

World Space Week(V) - Journey from Earth to Neptune and Journey from Earth to Saturn

World Space Week(IV) - Role Play on Famous People or Celestial Objects

World Space Week(III) - Collage Making on Fun Facts of Solar System

World Space Week(I) - Showcasing of Video on the theme-Astronomy

Astronomy Session on Interview with the Sun

Astronomy Session on Astronaut

Jr. Open Day - `Learning the Fun Way`

Astronomy Session on Tera Magneta

Astronomy Session on Space Explorers and Patterns in the Sky

Session on The Magnificent Family of Sun

Session on Rocket a Space Vehicle

Astronomy Workshop

Drawing Competition by Axis Bank

Junior School Open Day (I - V)

Giant Book Cover Making (V)

Story Telling by Finger Puppet (III)

Story Telling (I - II)

Session on Solar System

Introductory Session on Astronomy

Open Day -

Morphology of Plants

Visit to NDRI(National Dairy Research Institute)- Karnal (XII)

Movie Time (IX)

Open Day - Decade of Innovation

Sanskrit Vandana Lekhan Activity

ISA Activity - Character Portrayal (VIII)

ISA Activity - Bulletin Board (Iran)-VII

ISA Activity - Bulletin Board (Saudi Arabia)-VI

ISA Activity - Great Wall of China - II - II

ISA Activity - Newspaper Creation(Europe)- IX-X

Video Conference between St. Mary`s School, Dwarka and team of doctors from Kenya

Visit to Parliament House

Std. VIII visited Parliament House as a part of their Social Science curriculum.

Thanks Giving Celebration

Peace Day

Poster Making

ISA Activity - TravelGuide Brochure - VIII

A Nation Reads Together

A Career Counseling Fair

Wg. Cdr. T. Mathew Memorial Cricket Tournament

Volley Ball Match (Jr. Boys & Jr. Girls)

Football Match(Sub Jr. Boys) 2

Football Match(Jr. Girls)

Football Match (Sr. Boys)

Football Match (Jr. Boys) 2

BasketBall Match(Sr.Boys)

Basket Ball Match Finals (Sr. Boys)

Broad Jump (Jr. Girls)

Shotput Match (Sr. Girls)

Broad Jump (Jr. Boys)

Athletic Meet (VI - XII)

Cricket Match (Sr. Boys)

Volley Ball Match (Jr. Boys)

Badminton Match (Sub Jr. Boys)

Shotput Match(Jr. Boys)

Long Jump Match (Jr. Girls)

Chess Match (Jr. Boys)

Shotput Match (Jr. Girls)

Football Match (Sr. Girls)

Long Jump Match (Jr. Boys)

Cricket Match(Jr. Boys) 2

Shotput Match (Jr. Boys)

Shotput Match (Sub Jr. Girls)

Chess Match(Boys)

Badminton Match Final(Sr. Girls)

Football Match Final(Sub Jr. Girls)

Inauguration of the Table Tennis Court

Throw Ball Match(Sr. Boys)

Inter School Sankalp Sahodaya Kho-Kho Tournament

Badminton Match ( Sub Jr. Girls)

Shotput Competition (Sr. Boys)

Shot Put Match(Sr. Girls)

Volley Ball Match(Sub Jr. Boys)

Shot Put(Sr. Boys)

Shot Put(Sub Jr. Boys)

Shot Put(Jr. Girls)

Long Jump(Jr. Girls)

Long Jump(Sub Jr. Boys)

Volley Ball Match(Sr. Girls)

Volley Ball Match(Jr. Girls)?

Volley Ball Match(Sr.Girls)

Volley Ball Match(Sub Jr. Girls)

Cricket Match(Sub Jr.Boys)

Basketball Match(Jr. Girls)

Basket Ball Match(Sr. Girls)

Basket Ball Match(Jr. Boys)

Badminton Match ( Sub Jr. Boys)

Cricket Match ( Sub Jr. Boys)

Inter-House English Debate(IX-XII) 2

Inter-House English Debate(VI-VIII)

Inauguration Day

Character Portrayal (VI)

Poster Making - Care of Books Enemies of Books (VII)

Inter-House March Past Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House English Debate Competition - Entering the Virtual World-A Need or Escapism (IX-XII)

Collage Making - Poems on Nature (VIII)

Portrait Making of an International Author (IX)

Newspaper Creation( IX - X)

Inter-House English Debate - Genetically Modified Foods-Feeding the World or Destroying the Planet (

Inter-House Art Competition (VI-XII)

Inter-House Hindi Debate(VI-XII)

Inter-House Ad-Mad Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House Movie Making Competition (IX-XII)

Inter-House Quiz Competition (IX-XII)?

Inter-House Western Music Competition(VI-XII) 2

Inter-House Hindi Debate (IX-XI)

Inter - House Glass Painting Competition

Inter-House Threatre - in - Competition (VI-XII)

Inter-House Art of Cooking Competition (IX-XII)

Inter-House Indian Music Competition(VI-VIII)

Inter - House Western Dance Competition(VI-XII)

Inter-House Art of Cooking Competition(VI-VIII) 2

Inter-House Photography and Editing Competition(VI-VIII)

Orientation 2014-15(V-VII)

Inter-House Photography and Editing Competition (VI - VIII)

Inter-House Hindi Debate (VI-VIII)

Inter-House Ad Mads (VI-XII)

Inter-House Movie Making Competition(IX-XII) 2

Inter-House Prop Making Competition (VI - XII)

Inter-House Western Music Competition (VI-XII)

Inter-House Art Competition(VI-XII) 2

Inter-House Indian Music Competition (VI - XII)

Art of Cooking Competition( IX - XII)

Inter - House Hindi Debate(IX - XII)

Inter - House Quiz Competition(6-8)

Inter-House Street Play (VI - XII)

Inter-House Art of Cooking Competition (VI-VIII)

Class Activity - Muhawara Manthan (V)

Nation Reads Together (V)

Class Activity - Doll Making (IV)

Class Activity - Time and Direction (III)

Class Activity - Young Ones of Animals (II)

Class Activity - Culture and Traditions (I)

Readathon (IV)

Readathon (III)


Class Activity - Dressed up as a Cartoon Character(III)

Video Conference between St. Mary`s School, Dwarka and Maha Madhya Vidyalaya?, Srilanka

Egyptian Pyramid Making Activity (V)

Collage Making Activity – Ancient Buildings of Greece (IV)?

Junior Open Day - Learning the Fun-Way

Inter-House Kho-Kho Match (III)

Inter-House Throw Ball Match (Jr. Girls & Boys?)

Junior Athletic Meet 2014-15


Inaugaration Ceremony of Wg.Cdr. Mathew Football Tournament

Wg. Cdr. Mathew Footbal Tournament

Kho-Kho Match

Cricket Match (Jr. Boys and Girls)

Throw Ball Match (III - V)

Mass PT (IV - V)

Throw Ball Match Finals (III - V)

Football Match (III - V)

Cricket Match (IV - V)

Junior School Annual Sports Meet (I - V)

Inter-House Street Play (III-V)

Spin-a-Yarn (I-II)

Inter-House Art Competition (I-V)

Inter-House Indian Music Competition (III-V)

Inter-House Dance Competition(I-II) (archived)

Inter-House Western Music Competition(III-V)

Inter-House Dance Competition (I-II)

Inter-House Street Play Competition (III-V)

Inter-House Rakhi Making Competition(III-V)

Inter-House Recitation Competition(I-II) (archived)

Inter-House Indian Music Competition (I-V)

Inter-House Art Competition(I-V) (archived)

Inter-House Spell Bee Competition(I-II)

Inter-House Dance Competition(III-V) (archived)

Inter-House Mask Making Competition(I-V)

Inter-House Craft Competition(I-V) (archived)

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