• The school building harbours huge well- equipped Green Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language and Home Science.
  • Mobile labs for Social Studies and Science are also fully equipped and placed on each floor. 
  • Waste water from the Chemistry Lab is neutralized before disposal. 
  • Bio- degradable and non- bio degradable waste is segregated in the Biology Lab. 


The School campus has three computer laboratories which are accessible to students during the school hours. These labs are equipped with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum.  The user-friendly systems enable a convenient access and motivate students to learn Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Logo, Tux Paint, MS-Paint, MS-Office, etc.

  • The Junior computer laboratory caters to students from I-V giving them hands on practice on Microsoft Office.
  • The Middle computer laboratory caters to the learning of Web Designing and Multimedia for classes VI and X.
  • The Senior computer laboratory caters to students learning Python, Oracle Database Programming for classes XI and XII.

At the Resource Center, there is an easy Internet accessibility available to the faculty members. Enterprising students get a chance to gain familiarity with the Internet and are also able to do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.

The Biology, Chemistry and Physics Labs are all equipped with the latest equipment required to affect long-term, practical learning. The students in the Chemistry Lab regularly use test tubes and other apparatus to reduce the amount of chemicals used, thus impacting the effect they have on the environment. 

The school has an ultra-modern home science lab fully-equipped with a cooking range, microwave, refrigerator, hot plates and all other required equipments. The trained & experienced faculty trains and guides the students in the fields of food & nutrition management.

The language lab in the school offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient system to enrich the language learning process. The digital lab motivates the student’s learning attitude, thereby providing an interactive learning environment. The audio-visual aids fulfil the instructional needs of language educators and gives life to language. The ergonomically designed furniture and seating structure is conducive to an interactive and healthy learning environment.     


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