St. Mary’s is a co-educational institution dedicated to developing intellectual curiosity and personal growth in each individual through a well-balanced curriculum based on a holistic approach in humanities, sciences and commerce.

To seek an able and diverse student body, to encourage in each member the traits of curiosity, creativity, innovation, thinking, flexibility, independence of thought and respect for scholarship.

To develop in the students a winning attitude that determines the quality of motivation and strength of commitment.

To foster in each
students a sense of competence, self-confidence and emotional as well as physical well-bring.

To encourage social consciousness, concern for others and commitment towards the community both within and outside the school.

To install knowledge and appreciation of the intellectual as well as the cultural heritage of mankind.

To develop in our students a strong sense of moral integrity as reflected through ethical and spiritual growth, while respecting the religious diversity of our country.

To initiate and establish in the
students habits of independence, self-control and appreciation of the dignity of the human labour.

To focus on appropriate
behaviour commensurating with the time and place.

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