The astronomy club exposes the students to the scientific study of celestial objects such as stars, planets, comets, galaxies and phenomena that originate outside the Earth's atmosphere such as the cosmic background radiation. It contributes to technology, economy and society by constantly pushing for instruments, processes and software that are beyond our current capabilities. It proves to be the building block, to kindle passion and interest amongst students. Providing proper resources and information to the curious minds is the stepping stone in the making of future astronomers and scientists. Students enjoy this time to learn and explore things. The club encourages them to learn, explore and to know more about the celestial objects. The hands-on activities and observation sessions, makes it popular amongst the students.  





                A zero hour presentation on astronomy was conducted for the students of Std. III-X in the school premises.





                                                                            Workshop on Earth's Eye in Space



                                                                                                   Workshop on The Science of Light



                                                                       Workshop on Capturing Celestial Objects




                                                                                        Workshop on The Locked Lunar




                                                             Workshop on Magnificent Family of Sun






An excursion was organised to the Nehru Planetarium on 3rd February 2024. The students were thrilled to learn about
the celestial bodies, constellations and the solar system in this visually immersive planetarium.

                                                                       Workshop on




                                                                                            Workshop on  Lunar Settlement 

                                                                     Workshop on Cosmic Fireworks



                        Workshop on Capturing Celestial Objects and  Virtual Observatory Tour

                                                         Workshop on Wandering through the Solar System 


 A zero hour presentation on astronomy was conducted for the students of Std. III-X in the school premises.



Pratham Dhasmana of Std.VIII and Akshara Singh of Std. IX participated in "EduOdyssey: Chandrayaan 3 and Beyond" event, hosted by Space India at prestigious Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura on 19th August 2023.  

Ayaan Singh of Std 8 and Abhay Jindal of Std X participated in Sally Ride EarthKAM 2023  -an outreach programme organized by NASA, conducted by Space India  at Don Bosco School Alaknandaon13th July, 2023. 

An online training session on Project Paridhi was attended by Adiv Bedi of std. VIII B and Akshita Panwar of std. VII C on 19th June 2023.The session was conducted by SPACE India to give an insight into the project. The session helped the students to know about Earth’s rotation and revolution, and how it causes solstice and equinox.












Aaryan Singh and Taran Jain of Std. X participated in Phase 1 of All India Asteroid Search Campaign from 14 June to 10 July 2023. For this campaign they attended a workshop to install and use the advanced analytical software called astrometrica to successfully find the asteroids on 16th May 2023 at Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, hosted by SPACE India.  

A workshop on ‘Comet Kitchen’ was conducted on 3rd September 2022.  The students received insight into the bizarre world of comets through this workshop. The presentation helped them to know facts about the comets and asteroids. After this, the students were engaged in a hands-on group activity. They created comets using the same composition as found on the real ones.   


A workshop on ‘Hydro Rocketry’ was conducted at St. Mary’s School, Dwarka on 8th October 2022. The idea of rockets as a space vehicle and how they function were explained to the students. A hydro rocket was also launched to demonstrate its functioning. The students were given the required materials like plastic bottles, card sheet, tape etc. with which they made their own rockets.




A workshop on ‘Solar Observation with Safe Methods’ was conducted on 12th November 2022. The students learnt about solar features, ways to observe the Sun safely and realize the importance of using safe methods for solar observation.




A workshop on ‘Mega Structures’ was conducted on 19th November 2022. The students investigated the reasons behind the sturdiness of various mega structures in this universe. They deduced by constructing and testing various shapes that a triangle was the strongest shape. They also deduced that we could increase the strength of a given shape by changing it into a combination of triangles. They used their deductions to design and test the strongest truss by critically examining the given constraints. Later they also tested their self-designed and self- constructed truss for its strength and sturdiness.




A workshop on ’Hydrobot’ was conducted on 26th November 2022. ?The students were introduced to the concept of hydraulics in an interactive manner. They learnt about the properties of fluids and how the they are used in hydraulic machines. The applications of hydraulics in space sciences was also visited. The students participated in various hands-on activities to understand the principle of hydraulics and its application. They understood how the human arms work and how it is replicated in hydraulic arms. They worked in teams, to make their own Hydrobot. ?


The Astronomy Club organized a number of workshops which included:

  • Comet Kitchen
  • Fingerprints of the Universe
  • Hydrobot
  • The Source of Light
  • K Prabhakar Sriram and Prabhat Shankar Dubey of Std. IX have made 18 preliminary discoveries in the ‘All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2018’ at New Delhi.
  • Four students of Std. IX attended ‘Project Paridhi’ at Jantar Mantar to find the circumference of the Earth through the shadow of the Sun on Winter Solstice.

     Zero Hour Presentation Conducted by SPACE Team for Std. III - X

Workshop on ‘The Martin Lab’ and ‘Rocket Science Is Fun’ for Std.III-V.

Workshop on ‘What Is Your Sun Sign?’ and ‘The Magic of Light’ for Std. III-V


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