Leadership Camp

Open Day(Sr.)

Youth Walk The Talk Event(VII-X)

Presentation of the Shakespearean Play at SVIS

Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Activity

Workshop on `Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Education`

Launch Celebration of Non-Violence Project India

Visit to India International Trade Fair-Hindi Drama Club

Workshop by A & A Enterprise-XII

Heritage Walk-XI

Project Paridhi at Jantar Mantar

World Space Week(X) - Rangoli Activity on the theme -Space

World Space Week(VIII) - Astro Cooking

World Space Week(VII) - Poster Making Activity on ‘Visualisation of Life on Mars`

World Space Week(VI) - Recent Discoveries or Satellites

Astronomy Session on Surface Cartography

Science Exhibition and Independence Day Celebration

Open Day Sr

Character Portrayal - International Peace Heros and their Contribution(VIII)

All India Asteroid Search Campaign

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