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Online Workshops and Webinars for Teachers

Date Conducted On Conducted By
17.04.2020 Interactive Story Telling organised by Ms. Chitralekha Bhaskar. Scholastic
Introduction to School Psychology by Ms. Geetika Kapoor. Fortis School Mental Health Program
18.04.2020 Engaging Students Online and Encouraging Progressive Reading. Scholastic
Introduction to School Psychology by Ms. Geetika Kapoor. Fortis School Mental Health Program
02.05.2020 Webinar on Dealing with Uncertain Times and Coping with Stress by Dr. Samir Parikh. Macmillan Education
03.05.2020 Empowering Mental Health and Well Being during COVID-19 pandemic. Sankalp Sahodaya
11.05.2020 - 12.05.2020 Effective Gamification by Dr. Deborah Healey. Macmillan Education
13.05.2020 Moving School Online by Mr. Russell Stanford. Macmillan Education
06.05.2020 Exploring Happiness by Ms. Ira. COE CBSE
Classrom Management by Mr. Madan. COE CBSE
08.05.2020 Moving from Physical to Digital Learning Spaces during COVID-19 and Beyond by Mr. Biswait Saha. Director Vocational Education & Skill Training, CBSE)
19.05.2020 Turning Reading into Creative Writing by Ms. Charlotte Rance. Macmillan Education
Engaging Teens- Not all about technology by Ms. Anna Hasper. Macmillan Education
20.05.2020 Teaching Young Learners Online by Ms. Joanne Ramsden. Macmillan Education
21.05.2020 Tips for teaching children aged 7-11 by Ms. Jane Adamson. Oxford University Press
23.05.2020 Ways to bring Vocabulary into Online Classroom. Oxford University Press
Marrying Math and Art. Riad Foundation
26.05.2020 Enhancing Spelling and Grammar Skills for Primary students. Macmillan Education
27.05.2020 Evaluation and Assessment When Teaching Online by Russell Stanford. Macmillan Education
Remote Teaching Through Microsoft TEAMS by Ms. Kavita Singhal. Kamtron System Pvt. Ltd.
28.05.2020 National Webinar on Status and Reforms in Library and Information Science Education in India by Mr. Naman Gupta.  
Why is English so difficult? by Dr. Elaine Higgleton. Macmillan Education
29.05.2020 Cyber - Safety 'At School: During & Post COVID'. Cyber Peril
ProtectingYouth from New Emerging Threats of Tobacco and Nicotine Addiction. HRIDAY
30.05.2020 Cyber Safety of Children for Law Enforcement Agencies and Teachers of Schools. National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development(NIPCCD)
MIEExpert & Microsoft Showcase School Program Part-2. Microsoft Foundation
31.05.2020 Implementation of Competency Based Education in Social Science by Ms. Tiashha Saha Goyal Brothers Publications
Implementation of Competency Based Education in Hindi by Ms. Shiksha Kaushik
How to be Happy Parent in Lockdown and Post Lockdown Period by Dr. Jayant Chowduri (Chairman IUEF) by Delhi Police, Delhi High Court and Cyber Experts associated with various organizations. International United Educationists Fraternity (IUEF)
02.06.2020 MIEE Monthly Connect on Certification Exam, Wakelet, Evalutaion and Assessment, Showcase School Criteria by Mr. Kishore Kumar, Mr. Mandaar Barve, Dr. Pratibha Kohli and Ms. Chandni Agarwal. Microsoft Education Engagement TEAM
04.06.2020 Return to Classroom:Supporting Your Primary Children's Well-Being by Ms. Mick Armiger. Oxford University Press
08.06.2020 How to Organize TEAMS? (One Hub! Everything Connected) by Osborne D'Souza. Juana Technologies
09.06.2020 Implementation of Competency Based Education in Math. Goyal Brothers
Bringing Stories to Life for Primary Students by Ms. Charlotte Rance Macmillan Education
10.06.2020 Microsoft Technologies by Ms. Liza Puri and Mr. Godfrey Pinho Microsoft Education TEAM
12.06.2020 A panel discussion on 'Keeping School Stakeholders Happy Amidst the Pandemic'. The panelists were Dr. Farooq Wasil, Dr. Amrita Vohra, Dr. Samir Parekh and Ms. Shaheen Shafi. Macmillan Education
19.06.2020 A panel discussion on 'Reimagining School Education for Chain Schools in New Normal'. The panelists were Ms. Sonal Pinto, Dr. Neelam Kaur, Dr. Farooq Wasil, Mr. Roshan Gandhi and Ms. Vandana R Juneja. Macmillan Education
20.06.2020 Artificial Intelligence-An online journey to explore and clear your doubts by Ms. Harmeet kaur and Ms. Sangita Chadha. BPB Publications
IAYP Regional Webinar : North India Award Units by Mr. Kapil Bhalla, Mr. Bivujit and Ms. Pallavi Gill.  
Accounting Issues by CA - (Dr.) G.S. Grewal.  
Teacher Stress and Burnout by Dr. Sheenam Goyal. Goyal Brothers Prakashan
22.06.2020 Understanding and Implementation of Art Integration Learning in Hindi based on CBSE Circular for Hindi Teachers by Dr. Shiksha  Goyal Brothers Prakashan
23.06.2020 Importance of Cyber Security and Digital Safety in the times of COVID-19 by Mr. Rakshit Tandon Goyal Brothers Prakashan
25.06.2020 Happy Classroom Story Telling as a pedagogy. CBSE
26.06.2020 Understanding and Implementation of Art Integration Learning in Social Science as per latest CBSE Circular by Mr. Madan Lal Swahney Goyal Brothers Prakashan
02.07.2020 Art Integrated Learning in Accountancy Commerce Teacher's Foundation
13.07.2020 Revised Curriculum of Accountancy. Rachna Sagar
15.07.2020 Peak Performance Chemistry Webinar Together with Chemistry by Mr. R P Manchanda
18.07.2020 Continuing Learning in the Next Normal  Macmillan Education's Facebook
02.09.2020 Stakeholder DIscussion for Report on Environment, Health and Safety Practices at School in the New Normal EnvEcologics
19.09.2020 My Learning Train - Blended Activity Based Learning with Ms. Sonia Relia Oxford University Press
04.12.2020 Engaging with the NEP in the Social Studies Classroom Orient BlackSwan ONE by Dr. Tapasya Saha
20.01.2021 to 22.01.2021 Microsoft Edudays India FY21  Microsoft

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